Episode #04 Norah Campbell on Speculative Realism and Climate Change

What help is philosophy in the face of climate change?

Norah Campbell of Trinity College Dublin explains the basics of the philosophical movement known as Speculative Realism. She makes the provocative claim that the tools for thinking that we get from Speculative Realism are the only way to comprehend climate change.

This interview traces a mercifully clear path through some strange territory. It’s the perfect listen if you’re not yet familiar with names such as Quentin Meillassoux and Graham Harman, and with concepts such as correlationism, a futural God and object-oriented ontology.

Norah Campbell and Cormac Deane in Georgian building Belvedere House

Norah Campbell with the producer of the Field Day Podcast, Cormac Deane

We will post Norah Campbell’s forthcoming groundbreaking article on the subject in the journal Organization Studies as soon as it is published. Norah Campbell is assistant professor at Trinity Business School.