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Siobhán Kilfeather, “Alice Maher’s Materials”
James Chandler, “A Discipline in Shifting Perspective: Why We Need Irish Studies”
Emer Nolan, “Irish Melodies and Discordant Politics: Thomas Moore’s Memoirs of Captain Rock (1824) Marjorie Howes, Postcolonial Yeats: Culture, Enlightenment, and the Public Sphere”
Maud Ellmann,” Ulysses: Changing into an Animal”
Peter McQuillan, “Suairceas in the Seventeenth Century”
Michael Griffin and Breandán Mac Suibhne, “Da’s Boat; or, Can the Submarine Speak? A Voyage to O’Brazeel (1752) and other Glimpses of the Irish Atlantis”
Sara Smyth, “Shooting for the State? Photos of the Civil War”
Susan McKay, “‘You can make your wee film. But no cameras’: Unionism in 2005”
Richard Bourke, “Antigone and After: ‘Ethnic’ Conflict in Historical Perspective”

Joe Cleary, The World Literary System: Atlas and Epitaph Katie Trumpener, ‘The Stasi is My Eckermann’
Joseph P. Buttigieg, Empire of Liberty: A Futile and Bloody Aspiration
Terry Eagleton, Fascists
John Gibney, Reading, Writing and Print in Early Modern Ireland
T. H. Breen, An Irish Revolution in Eighteenth-Century America?
Enda Leaney, Vested Interests: Science and Medicine in Nineteenth- Century Ireland
Gavin Foster, In the Shadow of the Split: Writing the Irish Civil War Tony Crowley, Monolingual Ireland’s Dead and Gone?
Willy Maley, Letter from Glasgow: Where the Streets Have No Shame


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