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Seamus Deane, Walter Benjamin:The Construction of Hell
Stephen Rea, ‘Keep Goin’?. Gotta Keep Goin’’: Remembering Robert Altman
Brian Dillon, An Interview with Tim Robinson
Tim Robinson, Twilight on Old Stones
Catherine Gallagher, War, Counterfactual History and Alternate- History Novels
Guy Beiner and Joep Leerssen, Why Irish History Starved: A Virtual Historiography
Jennifer Todd, Trajectories of Change: New Perspectives on Ethnicity, Nationality and Identity in Ireland
Richard Kirkland, ‘That Car’: Modernity, Northern Ireland And The Dmc-12
Alan Ahearne, Global Imbalances: The Risks for The World Economy
Conor Gearty, Rethinking Civil Liberties in a Counter-Terrorism World
Jackie Nickerson, Images from ‘Faith’




Terry Eagleton, Bodies Once Again
Deana Heath, India, Identity and Globalization
Brendan O’Leary, Cuttlefish, Cholesterol and Saoirse
Ian McBride, Ireland’s History Troubles
David W. Miller, Varieties of Irish Evangelicalism
Michael Rubenstein, Revisiting the City, Revising Nationalism
Matthew Kelly, ‘Nothin’ To do but walk up and down?’
Mary P. Corcoran, Consumption and Identity
Timothy W. Guinnane, Returns, Regrets And Reprints
Joep Leerssen, The Big CHIL
Ciaran Carson, How To Remember?
Bríona Nic Dhiarmada, Pied Beauty

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One thought on “FIELD DAY REVIEW 3 (2007)

  1. I love the prescience of the Alan Ahearne article, which deserves to be recognized in the literature as one of the best early warning signs for the coming catastrophe. Well done to Ahearne and to Field Day for having the courage to publish this at a time when it was an unpopular view to hold. Well done also to Field Day for creating these beautiful Irish Studies volumes. Surely these are the best quality books and academic journals out there. (Gerry Morgan, USA)

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