PROGRAMME: Northern Star, by Stewart Parker (1998)


PROGRAMME: Northern Star, by Stewart Parker (1998)


Original Program. As new.

Program for the Field Day co-production, with Tinderbox and Belfast Festival at Queens, of Parker’s 1984 play, staged to mark the bicentenary of the 1798 Rising.

Synopsis: Henry Joy McCracken awaits his execution following his part in the failed 1798 Rebellion.  As he prepares his last address to the people of Belfast, he recalls the seven ages of his life, from youthful idealism to disillusion and despair. Each age is represented by a separate scene written in pastiche of the styles of  Boucicault, Behan, Wilde, Shaw, Synge, O’Casey and Beckett. Parker explained his motivation thus: “I am primarily concerned with his [McCracken’s] human predicament, but then also with a critical moment in the course of Irish history, a moment which can encapsulate the quandaries and contradictions which continue to confound us.”

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Field Day co-production with Tinderbox and Belfast Festival at Queen’s: First Presbyterian Church, Rosemary St., Belfast, 14 November 1998.

(First Production: Lyric Theatre, Belfast, 7 November, 1984)



Cast and Crew of 1998 Field Day Production


Henry Joy McCracken Conleth Hill

Mary Bodle Annie Farr


Mary-Anne McCracken Paula McFetridge

Peggy Barclay Paula McFetridge

Prisoner 2 Paula McFetridge


Samuel Neilson  Peter Balance

Edward Bunting  Peter Balance           

Sergeant of Dragoons  Peter Balance

Teeling  Peter Balance

McFadden  Peter Balance

Interrogator 3  Peter Balance


Jimmy Hope Simon Magill

2nd Orangeman Simon Magill

Warden Simon Magill

Interrogator 1  Simon Magill


Wolfe Tone  Sean Campion

Gorman  Sean Campion

Shanahan  Sean Campion

Prisoner 3  Sean Campion


Thomas Russell  Michie Doherty           

Girvan  Michie Doherty           

Haslett  Michie Doherty

Prisoner 1  Michie Doherty


Belle Martin  Maggie Hayes

Cecily Hamill  Maggie Hayes           

Phantom Bride  Maggie Hayes

Interrogator 2  Maggie Hayes



Director  Stephen Rea

Designer  Bob Crowley

Composer  Neil Martin

Lighting Designer  Conleth White

Production Manager  Marianne Crosslé

Costume  Sherrie Scott-Keegan

Stage Manager  Sally McKenna

Assistant Stage Manager  Stephen Maguire

Assistant Stage Manager  Michael Draine

Set Construction  Francis Morgan Sr

Banner  Houston Marshall

Scenic Artist  Stuart Marshall

Photography  Phil Smyth

Technical Support  John Riddell

Prtogramme Editor  Kevin Whelan

Co-Producer  Eamon Quinn

Co-Producer  Stephen Wright