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Our current episode is a live recording of a lecture given by Bernadette Devlin McAliskey in Derry in 2016.

‘A Terrible State o’ Chassis’ was the 2nd Annual Seamus Deane Lecture. It’s a stirring account of how Troubles and Peace Process politics are obscuring our view of the really significant change taking place in Ireland north and south – the takeover of the country by multinational corporations.

Bernadette Devlin (later Devlin McAliskey) as a 22-year old psychology student and People’s Democracy candidate, in Belfast.

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Recent highlights

  • Joe Cleary of Yale University on the World Literary System and postcolonial criticism.

  • Jordan Peterson, the intellectual dark web, science fetishism and anti-feminism: Tina-Karen explains all.

  • Seamus Deane on Georg Lukács, novels, fascism and communism.

  • Angela Nagle, author of Kill All Normies, about internet subcultures and the disruptions of online politics


The Field Day Podcast is produced by Cormac Deane and usually presented by Feargus Denman. 

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