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“It’s quite an unstable industry.”

The business of pop music is precarious, but perhaps not as doomed as the traditional heavy industry of Britain. In our current episode, writer and psychogeographer Karl Whitney tells a story of unlikely successes and predictable busts in the last few decades of British life. We join him on his travels through the history of British pop music and learn about Hit Factories, his new account of those travels.

This episode is presented in association with the Dublin Review of Books. We heartily recommend the drb to supporters of Field Day. In the words of Seamus Deane: “The drb sustains a level of commentary on Irish and international matters that no other journal in Ireland and few elsewhere can reach.”

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Recent highlights

Joe Cleary of Yale University on the World Literary System and postcolonial criticism.

– Jordan Peterson, the intellectual dark web, science fetishism and anti-feminism: Tina-Karen explains all.

Angela Nagle, author of Kill All Normies, about internet subcultures and the disruptions of online politics


The Field Day Podcast is produced by Cormac Deane and usually presented by Feargus Denman. 

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  1. Joseph Chambers says:

    interesting piece of information, any more to follow

  2. Joseph Chambers says:

    all of these clips would seem to come from Pathe; is there anything from Movietone?

  3. Field Day says:

    Check the bottom of the page for the shownotes. Links there and more information. https://fieldday.ie/ciara-chambers-on-irish-newsreels/

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