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In our current episode, we talk about how crowds present the authorities with a problem.

To control the crowd is the job of the police, and using force is pretty effective. But, as we hear in this episode, they also strive to control the atmosphere of crowds.

Listen to critical legal theorist Illan Wall on the atmosphere of crowds.

“The crowd” by aatheus_centauri is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 2.0

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The Field Day Podcast is produced and presented by Cormac Deane, and occasionally presented by Feargus Denman. 

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  1. Joseph Chambers says:

    interesting piece of information, any more to follow

  2. Joseph Chambers says:

    all of these clips would seem to come from Pathe; is there anything from Movietone?

  3. Field Day says:

    Check the bottom of the page for the shownotes. Links there and more information. https://fieldday.ie/ciara-chambers-on-irish-newsreels/

  4. Conor Fitzgerald Deane says:

    Enjoyed this one. More economics, please. Knock David McWilliams off his parrot perch and take way his mirror.

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