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Our current episode is an interview with long-time anti-nuclear activist, Mark Dearey.

The nuclear power debate has disappeared from Irish discourse in the last decade, even with spikes of interest in the Fukushima disaster, and more recently in the TV show Chernobyl. Mark Dearey brings it back centre stage in all its urgency in this expansive interview about the history of British nuclear power, the prospects for nuclear in Ireland, and the challenges of green politics.

Satellite image of the Irish Sea.

The most polluted sea in the world, thanks to Sellafield.

There’s a massive risk that authoritarianism could creep into green politics globally.

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Recent highlights

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  • Seamus Deane on Georg Lukács, novels, fascism and communism.

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The Field Day Podcast is produced by Cormac Deane and usually presented by Feargus Denman. 

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  1. Joseph Chambers says:

    interesting piece of information, any more to follow

  2. Joseph Chambers says:

    all of these clips would seem to come from Pathe; is there anything from Movietone?

  3. Field Day says:

    Check the bottom of the page for the shownotes. Links there and more information. https://fieldday.ie/ciara-chambers-on-irish-newsreels/

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