Welcome to the Field Day Podcast

Jordan Peterson, the intellectual dark web, science fetishism and anti-feminism: Tina-Karen explains all in our latest episode here.

Recent episodes …

  • Joe Cleary of Yale University on the World Literary System and postcolonial criticism.

  • Five snapshots of Emmanuel Macron, described by Laura O’Brien.
  • Literary critic Seamus Deane on the influence of the Dublin-born statesman Edmund Burke on conservative political thought, particularly in the American tradition.

  • Angela Nagle, author of Kill All Normies, about internet subcultures and the disruptions of online politics

  • Merlo Kelly on the architectural, social and political history of Georgian Dublin

… coming soon this summer

  • Caitriona Leahy of Trinity College Dublin on Anselm Kiefer

  • Mark O’Connell, author of To Be a Machine, on AI, the Singularity and other improbabilities

The Field Day Podcast is produced by Cormac Deane and presented by Feargus Denman.


Many thanks to Belvedere College, who have made Belvedere House available to us for our recordings.
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