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30: The Compact Disc at 40 – a media history, with Eamonn Bell Listen
29: Absence and Presence in Hollywood: On Polly Platt, with Aaron Hunter Listen
28: The Atmosphere of Crowds, with Illan Rua Wall Listen
27: Post-work and Busynesslessness, with Stephen Dunne Listen
26: Cooperative Movements and Political Change in Ireland, with Patrick Doyle Listen
25: Trust, Truth and Trolls, with Eileen Culloty Listen
24: Pop Music and British Cities, with Karl Whitney Listen
Episode 23: Seamus Deane on the Right to Have Rights Listen
Episode 22: Mark Dearey on Nuclear Power in Ireland and Britain Listen
Episode 21: Bernadette Devlin McAliskey – “A Terrible State o’ Chassis” Listen
Episode 20: Seamus Deane on Georg Lukács: Listen
Episode 19: Ciara Chambers on Irish Newsreels: Listen
Episode 18: Roddy Flynn and Tony Tracy on Irish Film: Listen
Episode 17: Jonathan Rayner on the Mad Max films: Listen
Episode 16: Mark O’Connell on Posthumanists and Preppers: Listen
Episode 15: Barry McCrea on Modernism and Minor Languages: Listen
Episode 14: Anthropologist Steve Coleman on Irish-Language Song and Literature: Listen
Episode 13: Michael Mary Murphy on the Irish Music Industry: Listen
Episode 12: Bernard Dionysius Geoghegan on the History of Radar: Listen
Episode 11: Caitriona Leahy on Anselm Kiefer: Listen
Episode 10: Tina-Karen Pusse on Jordan Peterson, Identity Politics
and Online Culture Wars: Listen
Episode 9: Five Key Moments in the Presidency of Emmanuel Macron,
with Laura O’Brien: Listen
Episode 8: Joe Cleary on the World Literary System: Listen
Episode 7: Seamus Deane on the conservatism of Edmund Burke: Listen
Episode 6: Maurice Fitzpatrick on the Life and Times of John Hume: Listen
Episode 5: Seán Ó hUiginn on the Good Friday Agreement: Listen
Episode 4: Norah Campbell on Speculative Realism and Climate Change: Listen
Episode 3: Merlo Kelly on Georgian Dublin: Listen
Episode 2: Angela Nagle on Internet Subcultures: Listen
Special Episode: Stephen Rea reads ‘Reduction’: Listen
Episode 1: Paul Ennis on Cryptocurrencies: Listen
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