Episode #10: Tina-Karen Pusse on Jordan Peterson, Identity Politics and the Online Culture Wars

The provocative and inflammatory punditry of Jordan Peterson is coming to Ireland.

In this interview, Tina-Karen Pusse sketches and critiques the politics of libertarianism and the New Right and anti-feminism that will draw crowds to Dublin’s 3Arena on 14 July.

‘Winning the War of Ideas’ will feature Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, and Douglas Murray.  Anticipating the event, Tina-Karen Pusse describes how the hard-science fetishism of the first two speakers translates into faulty and inflammatory political analysis, while the third is a run-of-the-mill British reactionary.

She shows how a broad platform of anti-intellectualism is being constructed on foundations made up of psychology, evolutionary biology and racial thinking.  She also suggests reasons why Peterson and Harris have developed such a following among young men, particularly those suffering from depression.  High rates of depression among young men are not due, as Peterson claims, to feminist encroachment into the traditional cultural role of men, rather to the pressure of living in neoliberal precarity.

Listeners interested in this topic might like to go back to our interview with Angela Nagle, who is an acknowledged authority on the online culture wars. You can listen to that episode here.

An alternative, earlier event devoted to critical discussion of the online culture wars will be held on 6 July, in NUI Galway.  Details of that event, which is being organised by Gender Arc are here.  It is free of charge and open to the public.

Tina Karen Pusse is Lecturer in German Literature at NUI Galway. She has published a monograph, articles, edited volumes and periodicals in the areas of gender studies, modern German poetry, fictional autobiographies, the theory of laughter, and more recently, ecocriticism. Her latest book is From Ego to Eco: Mapping Shifts from Anthropocentrism to Ecocentrism, published by Brill.

She is on the coordinating committee of Gender ARC, a research alliance between NUI Galway and University of Limerick, a member of the Ecocriticism in Ireland network, and a board member of the German Studies Association in Ireland.

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