Articles commissioned by Field Day for Village Magazine

Field Day contributes a monthly column to Village Magazine.

Repaying to the Last: Tony McKiver on advertisements by Irish banks (October 2017)

Repaying to the last: banking ads disguise the reality of paying a mortgage

Repaying to the Last (pdf)


Marketing is Killing Us: A 3-part series by Norah Campbell of the Business School, Trinity College Dublin

#2 Read the article here: The Case of Fashion (September 2017)

#1 The Health Halo (July-August 2017)

The Health Halo: Marketing is killing us

Science Ficsean: Richard Howard on Irish science fiction

Science ficsean

The furthest exit (1): Paul Eliot-Ennis examines places Stephen Bannon in the context of the rise of the Alt-Right and 4chan

The Furthest Exit: Bannon’s Long-Game

The furthest exit (2): Paul Eliot-Ennis examines Bannon’s political philosophy

The Furthest Exit: Bannon’s complex agenda

Continuing someone else’s journey: Sarah Campbell on how best to remember the Northern Irish Civil Rights movement

Continuing someone else’s journey

Protectionism Dressed as Free Trade: Lughan Deane explains how TTIP, NAFTA, and TPP were not free trade deals but investor rights agreements for US corporations.

Protectionism dressed as free trade

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