Select Articles Commissioned by Field Day for Village Magazine

Select Field Day Articles Published in Village Magazine

It’s Time for Leaving Cert Reform

February 2018. Dr. Joanne Banks, ESRI, on how the Leaving Cert reproduces social inequality, causes stress, and inhibits learning.

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Repaying to the Last

October 2017. Tony McKiver on advertisements by Irish banks

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Marketing is Killing Us

A 3-part series by Norah Campbell of the Business School, Trinity College Dublin

Read article 1: The Health Halo (July-August 2017)




Read article 2: The Case of Fashion (September 2017)



Science Ficsean

June 2017. Richard Howard on Irish science fiction

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The Furthest Exit (1)

April 2017. Paul Eliot-Ennis examines places Stephen Bannon in the context of the rise of the Alt-Right and 4chan

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The Furthest Exit (2)

May 2017. Paul Eliot-Ennis examines Bannon’s political philosophy

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Continuing Someone Else’s Journey

May 2017. Sarah Campbell on how best to remember the Northern Irish Civil Rights movement

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Protectionism Dressed as Free Trade

March 2017. Lughan Deane explains how TTIP, NAFTA, and TPP were not free trade deals but investor rights agreements for US corporations.

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