Articles commissioned by Field Day for Village Magazine

Lughan Deane explains how TTIP, NAFTA, and TPP were not free trade deals but investor rights agreements for US corporations.

Protectionism dressed as free trade


Part 1: The furthest exit: Paul Eliot-Ennis examines places Stephen Bannon in the context of the rise of the Alt-Right and 4chan

The Furthest Exit: Bannon’s Long-Game


Part 2: The furthest exit: Paul Eliot-Ennis examines Bannon’s political philosophy

The Furthest Exit: Bannon’s complex agenda


Continuing someone else’s journey: Sarah Campbell on how best to honour the Northern Irish civil rights movement

Continuing someone else’s journey


Science Ficsean: Richard Howard discusses Irish Science fiction as a source of incisive critical comment on all aspects of Irish life.


Science ficsean


The Health Halo: Norah Campbell on how marketing is killing us, and what we can do to fight back. Part one of a three part series

The Health Halo: Marketing is killing us

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