PROGRAMME: Double Cross, by Tom Kilroy (1986)


PROGRAMME: Double Cross, by Tom Kilroy (1986)


Original program. Excellent condition.

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Set during World War 2, this play imaginatively sets into direct opposition two real-life Irishmen keen to pretend to be otherwise: Brendan Bracken, British MP and Minister for Information to the government of Winston Churchill, and Nazi propagandist William Joyce, better known as Lord Haw-Haw. In his preface to the play, Kilroy declares his intention to be to explore the ‘notion that two men who so spectacularly denied and concealed their native origins might dramatize the deformities of nationalism more effectively than two patriots.’

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Original Cast

A Narrator  Richard Howard

A Fire Warden  Richard Howard

Erich  Richard Howard

Lord Beaverbrooke  Richard Howard

Lord Castlerosse  Richard Howard

A Narrator  Kate O’Toole

A Woman Journalist  Kate O’Toole

Margaret Joyce  Kate O’Toole

Popsie  Kate O’Toole

Brendan Bracken MP  Stephen Rea

William Joyce  Stephen Rea


Production Team

Director  Jim Sheridan

Designer  Consolata Boyle

Lighting Designer  Rory Dempster

Assistant Designer  Douglas Laing

Associate Producer  Maurice Cassidy

Administration Assistant  Ursula McAllister

Production Manager David Coyle

Stage Manager  Jane Perrott

Stage Manager  Joe McGrath

Lighting Operator  Conleth White

Production Assistant  Lisa Stifler

Set Construction  Francis Morgan

PR  Fiona McMillan

PR  Ollie Jennings

Graphic Design  Ralph Dobson

Poster Image  Basil Blackshaw

Wigs by Ray Marston

Administrator  Julie Barber

Film Maker  Thaddeus O’Sullivan